Vanessa Hudgens Fakes

For those of whom two series of Vanessa Hudgens nude pics were not enough to satisfy their appetites there is another chance to see fantasies about this teen celeb performed for real. And what can be more realistic than a setting that has almost identical to the original fakes who are limited only by their desires. The company of a guy with big cock only brings in more excitement to the scene which will surely blow you away. Watch them strip and suck their way to fame. Even though they might not get on each stage, they are surely welcomed at any celeb porn site now…

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Claudia Schiffer Fakes

German super model Claudia Schiffer was among the first few models who started the whole ’super’ thing. That group included other stars of the catwalk of her time such as Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford. And if you have seen most of them posing nude before, Claudia has been holding her fans in excitement long enough. This time her amazing lookalikes take a leap forward to satisfy appetites of horny masses and show us what would she look like nude and even with a big cock down her throat. The woman has amazing curves and would make a great porn star…

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Amanda Peet Fakes

Actress Amanda Peet needs no introduction on celebrity nudes blog as this girl has revealed everything in the movies she played in during the course of her career. We know that besides her pretty face she has a beautiful pair of juicy round tits and a nice ass also. But she is almost too sweet to be seen in something as naughty as full hardcore episode, yet it is clear from the following fake porn scenes of her that she would look great in them. Below you will find her nude fakes and even a footjob for those of you going crazy about her tasty feet…

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Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Porn

Holy shit guys hot and sexy mtv teen mom reality star Farrah Abraham has filmed a porn video! The stunning mom has an awesome body, big tits and tight ass. Her sex tape porn is sure to be one of the best selling celebrity sex tape porn videos ever! The full 70 minute version is coming out soon so be sure to bookmark farrah abraham porn for instant access once its released!

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Kate Beckinsale Fakes

What a beauty this English celebrity babe is. Sexy mom Kate Beckinsale doesn’t need to be even naked to get you off so hot this woman’s appearance actually is, but when she does be prepared to get blown away. If you was as fascinated by her look as me before than you wouldn’t even expect to see her naked on screen let alone being filled with several inches of thick man’s meat from behind. This is exactly what gets shown in the following series of her celebrity fakes who reveal everything, big tits and round ass included, and get fucked from behind too…

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Miranda Kerr Fakes

Australian model Miranda Kerr has got famous right in the time when the interest to slim bodies on the catwalk from perverts all around the world has been at its high. Her girlish appearance makes you wonder how delicate bodies as hers can be legal to share nude with wide audience. And even if the original gives out enough food to fantasize about her body, her fakers will go the extra length to guarantee that you have received full experience of watching this celeb babe in hardcore scenes. They get ass fucked and take up to two cocks in one hole at once…

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Mandy Moore Fakes

American singer and song-writer Mandy Moore is currently in her prime years being just 26 years old. She became famous as a teen thus it is unlikely that we will see her real sex tape or even nude scenes. Celebrities who achieve similar heights as her simply do not need to get down and dirty to raise interest to themselves as they are already popular. But don’t make this fact disappoint you as there is no shortage of celebrity fakes that look like her who would do exactly what you would expect them to do - suck and get their brains fucked with a thick cock…

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Selena Gomez Fakes

Unmistakingly a latin girl just like Selena Gomez surname suggests she has all what is loved so much in women of her origin. Dark shiny hair, beautiful brown eyes and sexy body equipped with a pair of juicy round tits that are necessary to be decorated with chocolate nipples is a winning combination in many situations. This particularly holds true when we talk about posing nude and being filmed in uncensored hardcore scene together with horny white men who are especially passionate about latin chicks just like her as her fakes with amazing resemblance to the original eagerly demonstrate it on the pics below…

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Rachel Weisz Fakes

Movie star Rachel Weisz is one of those women who look hot even with their clothes on. Their face is enough to get your motor running at high speed and just a thought of seeing a piece of their skin or completely nude might blow you away. But hold your breath on as the pictures below are simply fakes of her albeit very good ones. And in times like this it is not necessarily a bad thing as it still leaves the excitement of watching the original nude one day intact while you get a chance to enjoy the copies going totally wild at it just like true porn stars…

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Jenifer Bartoli Fakes

The following great looking celeb is called Jenifer Bartoli and even though she has this stunning latin look on her, she was born in France where she regularly tops local music charts with her own songs. At just 27 Jenifer leaves her fans with plenty of hope that she might decide to participate in some explicit photo shoot or even star in full hardcore video such as her own sex tape one day. Either of these variants would work fine with me as the following fakes of her demonstrate that it will simply be breathtaking as seeing a woman of her beauty has sex is often is…

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